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      Dalian Shenghua Seafood Co., Ltd., founded in 1997, is a joint-venture enterprise and specializes to produce surimi products. The company has the most advanced equipments and techniques. The primary products are imitation crab meat, imitation scallop, imitation crab claw, imitation lobster tail and imitation shrimp etc.

      The company introduced equipments from Japan . They can produce the unique product----V-cut style crab stick, Imitation crab leg meat and Super Snow Crab Meat which are the most similar as the natural one. They have wonderful taste and good appearance!

      After registering by FDA , EU , HACCP ,BRC,MSC and HALAL certificate, the products are not only sale in China but also export to Japan, Europe, USA, Canada,Australia, and other Asian countries, Africa, central America.

      The company adheres to the principle of “quality best, customer first” and are willing to develop business with friends all over the world!

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